The secondary process of millet processing includes pulverizing or grinding millets into powder form for converting it into a flour for human consumption. Also, the rough form or partially grinded millets such as jowar, and bajra are used for animal feed applications too. Hence the role of pulverizer machine plays an important role. The pulveriser machine(s) are suitable for all types of millets, pulses and spices grinding.
We manufacture pulveriser machine(s) of varying capacity and meet the requirement of industrialist who use it not only for millet based foods, also for other flour grinding.

The pulveriser machine(s) manufactured by us fall into the following category such as follows:

  • Single Stage Pulveriser : 20kg/h; 40 kg/h; and 75kg/h
  • Double Stage Pulveriser : 100kg/h and 200 kg/h
  • Multi Mill : 35kg/h

The single stage pulveriser is used for grinding into rough powder form and used for making animal feed out of jowar and bajra.
The double stage pulveriser is used for grinding into powder form flours. In this pulveriser machine, there are two grinding chambers one after the other which aids in getting powder form. Whereas, the single stage pulveriser has only one grinding chamber.
The Multi Mill contains two separate chambers for feeding and converting it into flours. A single 10 HP three phase electric motor is given a common drive to run the chambers. The advantage of using this pulveriser machine is that the cleaning process is made simple and the fragrances of flours are not blended.

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