The pulses such as green gram, black gram and red gram are used for household chores in our day-day life. In India, pulses are also called as Dal. They have high source of proteins which are used for maintaining proper diet. The nutrient content is available in the seed and not in the outer husk (hard coat). The huskhas to be removed to extract the nutrient content.

Pulses Processing Machinery falls into the following category as follows:

  • Destoner cum Grader cum Aspirator – It is used for removing stones, dust particles, sticks and other unwanted impurities from the threshed produce.
  • Dal Oil Mixer – Prior to dehusking, appropriate quantity of oil blending with the cleaned pulses are essential to soften the hard coat. After the proper mixing of oil with pulses, drying is mandatory for a period of not less than 5 hours
  • Dal Dehusker – It is used for removing hard coat of black gram, green gram and red gram.
  • Grader cum Aspirator – It is used for removing the skin which is lightly attached which is left after dehusking.
  • Dal Splitter cum Grader – It is used for splitting the dhal into two halves and then subsequent grading of the same is done

Pulses Processing Machine(s) are available from cleaning till splitting. Based on the industrialist(s) need, the machinery could be chosen. These machines are suitable to be set up in a small scale industry.

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