Millet Processing Machinery of Perfura are available in different models and capacities.
Uniqueness of Perfura Millet Processing Machinery:

  • Right recommendation of machinery suitable for processing various types and varieties of millets
  • Assured service support during warranty and AMC available after warranty
  • Installation and Training support
  • Detailed Project Report – consultancy charge depends on area and the proposed cost of machinery

Perfura brand Millet Processing Machine(s) are utilized by KVK’s, Govt. Institutes for respective regional farmers machinery due to the support provided at all level and quality delivery.
Perfura brand machinery are suited for all types millets by the combined use of machinery dedicated exclusively for millets.
Perfura Millet Processing machines are highly popular in the South Indian States and are even recently established in the Northern Parts where the cultivation of millets takes place at large stretching from the Central Deccan.
Perfura is the right choice where both the primary processing needs and secondary processing needs for the millets are met.

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