Minor Millets are highly rich in fibre content and contains a compact source of essential nutrients required for maintaining good health and diet. In order to enjoy great health benefits from the minor millets such as proso millet, foxtail millet, little millet, barnyard millet and kodo millet, a hard coat non edible layer has to be removed. Hence the processing of millets is mandatory prior to human consumption. The most important step in minor millet processing is dehulling, that is removal of non-edible layer.

The machinery used for processing of minor millets are available at various capacities starting from pre-cleaning and producing value added product such as health mix.Traditionally cleaning of minor millets was done manually using women labour in most of the villages. Due to the high wastage of minor millet grains, development of machinery came into existence. Currently the drudgery faced is eliminated with the usage of minor millet processing machines such as Destoner cum Grader cum Aspirator, Millet Dehuller and Grain Polishers.

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