Millet Dehusker Machine is highly useful for removing the outer coat of major millets like pearl millets, finger millets and jowar. The function of this machine is not limited only to pearl millets, finger millets and jowar, it isalso used for preparing/smoothening the hard coat non-edible layer of kodo, proso, barnyard and browntop millets. After the smoothening process is over, the millets such as kodo, proso, barnyard and browntop, needs to be processed in millet dehullermachine where the actual dehulling takes place. The millet dehusker serves the purpose for seven different millets.

Combination of millet dehuller and millet dehusker enables to achieve very good dehulling efficiency. The millet dehusker machine comprises of an emery roller with abrasive or rough surface. It bears capacity of 350 kg/h with a horse power of 15 HP. A three phased electric motor is suitable to run the machine. This machine is suitable for setting up a small scale industry.

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