Millet Dehulling is the most crucial step in the entire processing line of millets.
Different types of dehullers and models are available. The millet dehulling efficiency depends on the following critical factors such as:

  • The grain size
  • Grain moisture content
  • Grain variety
  • Cultivation practice/cropping pattern/cropping sequence – subject to respective region’s microclimatic factor

The double chamber millet dehuller machine is the most advanced and robust dehuller for Millets in the market. It is a centrifugal dehuller which consists of two separate chambers for dehulling of millets and the existence of two chambers assists in improving efficiency in dehulling of different millet varieties, subject to the grain critical factors. It removes the skin of millets like little, kodo, proso, barnyard, foxtail and browntop millets. It has processing capacity of 300 kg/h. The husk and rice are separated through a separate aspirator. It runs with a 7.5HP three phase electric motor. It is used for setting up a small scalemillet processing unit. Prior to dehulling, pre-cleaning of millets isessential. The millet dehuller machines’ periodic maintenance is very important factor for the long life of the machine. Proper lubrication is essential at regular intervals for effective functioning of the machine and to serve the core purpose of dehulling. This machine is highly recommended for millet processing start ups.

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