General Description Of The Roaster


Consisting of ‘U’ shaped trough of suitable dimensions with side plates. Shell of SS 316 contact parts and side plate duly S.S. cladded from outside and inside.

Mixing Mechanism

Ribbon or Paddle arms welded to the main shaft with stuffing box type gland packing arrangement provided a shaft ends prevents ingress of external powder into the trough and prevents leakage.


From the top charging can be done through a Hopper fitted on the top of the loading nozzle. Or manually through openable lid.


By bottom discharge Butterfly valve of suitable diameter, for regulated discharge.


Consisting of 5 H.P. geared motor coupled with flanged coupling directly to the main shaft 30 rpm to 45 rpm approx.


Mounted on suitable ISME Section Stand with protective covers for belts and couplings. Etc all parts are covered with S.S.


All contact parts in SS 316 Constructions Complete unit with S.S cover and all surfaces polished to smooth finish.

Control Panel

Variable speed drive for main motor

Digital temp indicator cum controller

Process Description :

When the agitator rotates, the Material is carried radically around the inside of blender. Outer & inner ribbons move the material in opposite direction. Thus the triple mixing action takes place. The Roaster is provided with M.S. Jacket, which is filled with special purpose heating Oil. The Heating oil in the jacket is heated by Electrical operated Oil immersion Heaters, inserted from the pocket at the corner Mixer. Once the oil in the jacket’ is heated, the material in the container is uniformly mixed as well as roasted. Electronic Digital temp controller controls the required Temperature of heating. It is ideal to set the Themerature at 1800 to 1900 C. while roasting. The oil heating can be carried out with Gas instead of Electrical heaters as per the Customer requirement.

Approx.  Rs 40,000 / Piece

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