The flour processing machines are exclusively used for secondary processing of millets, pulses and spices. These machineries form the basis for bringing out a consumable value addedproduct.

The following machines fall into the flour processing category:

  • Roaster – It is of uruli drum type roaster in which the drum is rotated with the help of a 0.5 HP motor and roasting part requires LPG connection. The principle of heating with aLPG brings out uniform heating than using heaters along with the drum.Any sort of value addition is incomplete without using roaster. The moisture content has to be removed to improve the shelf life of the product. Hence roasting is very essential. The capacities available are of 15 kg/batch and 25 kg/batch. The batch time required for roasting may vary based on the grain which is been roasted.
  • Pulveriser – The next step involved is grinding into dry powder form. The rough flour and powdered form flours serves purpose of value addition further to turn into a health mix or rava making or flakes making by using the respective machinery. Single stage, double stage and multi mill type pulverisers are available.
  • Flour Sifter – It is used for sieving the grinded flour (powdered form) and get a very fine powder and hence can be directly packed. Screening of flours is an essential step because, the fine powder, partial grinder powders are mixed together. In order to separate and obtain fine powder, flour sifting is important. Different mesh sizes are available to get fine to the finest flour.
  • Flour Blender – It is used for blending different flours together. The blending is essential to bring out a product out of two or three flours together with different ratio. The nutritional benefits of blended flours are relatively higher than consuming one form of flour.

Setting up of flour processing machinery unit is a blooming industry and is suitable to carry out by anyone by just buying the raw material from the retailer. It would be beneficial if the flour processing machineriesare clubbed together with the primary processing machineries of millets. Both primary millet processing and flour processing are stand alone industry. Either of the two industry are profitable ventures. Combination of both yields higher profits.

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